Mr Penguin has gotten lost in timespace again and must fight his way out.


  • Seed Generated Content
  • Turn Based Combat
  • Mr Penguin

More features planned for after the jam:

  • Improved Level Generation including rooms and hallways
  • Item Pickups such as Potions and Powerups
  • Boss Monsters such as a Glorg le Zorg
  • More Combat Actions such as projectiles
  • Improved Animations for combat
  • Cutscenes and Dialogue to improve story telling
  • A Map that shows where you have explored

Development log


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Hey, you had comments disabled for Slime Witch so I'm leaving this here! The game came up using the randomizer with "jam games only" enabled. :)

Watch Jam Game Queue + Random Jam Games | !submit !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Hey man, Thank you for your feedback. Your video was really fun to watch.

I was experimenting with jams back then and I didn't know about level design at that point haha.

I am going to make new games soon haha :) Thanks again for the great video.