A platformer adventure game inspired by Mario 64 and A Hat in Time.

Sir Penguin wakes up in a dream like state, unsure of his surroundings. He embarks on an epic adventure in order to eat fish wake up. He soon finds other people in his dream, but they are all sleeping. How will Sir Penguin eat all the fish escape this madness?

A quote from a player:

This Penguin is the cutest penguin I have ever seen, I love it when you walk on the ice, it's very challenging when you try to touch the poison purple ball. But the lighting and the art is totally my cup of tea. And the back ground music is just WOW, it's simple and very catchy, love it. Great job! and keep it going!

Note: Unfortunately unity scriptable pipeline does not work on web gl, so I can only do windows builds for now.

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