Reflection - Henry

Hello there,

This is Henry, also known as Synht on Itch, one of the three collaborators for this project.

Through collaborating on this project with Deus and another collaborator, I feel I have learnt quite a bit about the process of creating a game (even though in this case there's no coding involved thanks to the engine used, being RPGMAKERMV). From pre-production and all the way to post-production and release, a major detail I've come to realise is how repetitive the production aspect of game development can be in order to produce a functioning game.

There were some aspects of the game I feel could be improved on. For example,  as the project relies greatly on outsourced assets from sounds to sprites, I feel it would be good to at least have custom assets, Some other aspects I would like to improve on is the audio side of things, we were unsure whether to add background music to add in immersion, though personally I prefer ambience for the sake of immersion.

Working with Deus and the third collaborator was smooth and easy-going. Not much issues popped up asides from minor details being lost in thought.

Overall to conclude, I had fun creating this project with the collaboration and with the engine. I hope for this experience to help me grow as a developer down the line.

- Henry

P.S. I did most of the work combining everything in RPGMAKER and I'm in physical and mental pain.

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Yes, I am sorry about the pain. Next time, can split up the work more, so it feels less grindy! When I close my eyes, I still see pixels and event UI. Thank you for all your hard work, it was a really good learning experience and I enjoy making and playing the game.