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You are an ordinary teenager who is relaxing at home with their family on a weekend. Interact with your family, find any possible activities to do around your home to pass the time, or just act like a regular teenager on a weekend and invite your friend over to hang out. The choices and options are yours to pick. After all, it's just your typical weekend where nothing special is happening.

Or is it?

A 16-bit 2D Exploration Game with its visuals and game-play taken inspiration from franchises and games such as Final Fantasy, Pokémon, and RPGMaker games. With dialogue and exploration of the environment, from speaking with different characters and inspecting individual objects in a room, being the key elements to provide a sense of place.


  • Arrow Keys to Move
  • Z to Interact
  • Hold Shift to Run
  • Esc for Cancel / Menu


Left Home - Windows 192 MB
Left Home - Linux Build 2.0 161 MB

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