Biomes - Better Worlds

New Biomes! Yay! Glory to the Penguins!

I finally put a biome system into my game. It generates biome maps per chunk. Ive noticed the more layers I make I tend to add more detail to the world.

I use layered noise, ones at different scales so they that one adds in details while the other adds in large splotches. These biome maps then get used with the height map generation and other systems that set the voxels to form the world.

In general there's alot more to do with world generation. I'm still working on npc spawning and save systems to make it a more seamless experience. I want to save npcs in the world and updates to them, so one boss might sometimes attack and destroy towns.

This will be possible if npcs can wander and limits are not set. Unfortunately i had to limit the world as i had floating point errors. To get around this I will probably need to reposition the entire world every 100 chunks or so. But this is something for another day!

I almost forgot, but I also made it so npcs generate their own meshes now. So later on I can add a lot cooler mutations onto the monsters. Or even scars that npcs get from battle.


    (0) Better Collisions with Voxels
    (1) Stats Updates
    (2) Skillbook and Skilltree
    (3) SaveSystem for Chunks
    (4) DialogueUI
    (5) Better Character Spawning
    (4) Customization of Body Parts
    (7) Equipment UI

    (5) New Skeletal System
    (6) Quests, Chains, Rewards, Punishment
    (7) New Game ++ (redo)
    (8) More Skills for classes
    (9) Dungeon Portals + dungeon generation (simple mazes) + exit portals

I should at least have all the core systems done by July. And then I can work on adding in a lot more content.


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Feb 22, 2020

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