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Soooo it's been 187 days since my last devlog, and I thought, hmm maybe its time for another.

So overall working on it, i've made huge strides with the coding side of things. It's actually all going so well, besides my speed of adding new things is a bit slow, but overall the end products quality is super high this way (ECS).

I can only work on it part time, which is why it feels a bit slow to work on. Well my time was even more limited last year!

Gameplay wise I want it to feel like a RPG. For example; kinda like wow classic, where you start off, do some quests, and get that feeling of powering up your dude through quest rewards, new gear, stat gains, etc. Metroidvania's do this well, making you feel like you are progressing and powering up consistently throughout exploration. I also want there to be divergent gameplay like farming (plants), or finding things, or raising creatures. Things like generated dungeons can give you this kind of gameplay, with multiple other game loops combined, giving you multiple things to do.

A Daily loop ties this all together, giving the player the freedom to chose their own goals and do them throughout the day. I played Littlewood recently, which is kind of like 2D animal crossing (mixed with forager) with more reward mechanics, I find this kind of loop to never tie out (unless you run out of content).

Anyway, figured I would write a little on what i've done and what is next for Zoxel. I've probaly missed many of things I have done or want to do, but here is a 'quick' summary. People talk about scope creep heh, I am trying to tame this beast. But it too strong.

--Things I'm happy that I added!--

  • Voxel Based Death Particles! (and particles in general)
  • Uniquely generated models for characters, including humanoids
  • Procedural music and sound effects
  • MegaChunks and unlimited Town Spawning
  • Uniquely generated voxel/skill textures per Game
  • Better starting game UIs, GameMakerUI and CharacterMakerUI
  • Basic Generated dialogue and quest
  • Slightly better towns and npc spawning
  • Slightly better AI
  • Slightly better animations, including sine wave use
  • WIP Cube Planets (except gravity and multiple terrain sides)
  • Cleaned up all the 55k lines of game code (lots of data generating systems there)
  • Game runs extremely fast

--Tier One-- (highest priority)

  • Improved World Generation
    • Highways (between towns)
    • Mountainous biomes
    • Dessert biomes (warm temperature colors, less plant life)
  • Basic Dungeons, Rooms, Boss, Enter/Exit portals, hallways
  • Improved Combat - More Spells and combos
  • Buffs, Debuffs, Auras
  • Crafting
  • Hunger / Thirst mechanics
  • LogUI chan~
  • IK on arms for casting spells
  • Showing items in hand when selected

--Tier Two--

  • Minimap
  • Trading
  • Chests
  • Level up Mining, Herblore (and other general skills)
  • Quest Tracker UI

--Tier Three--

  • Mine Shafts! (Perlin Worms)
  • Agriculture
  • Puzzles (including redstone wiring, switches, portals)
  • Emotions on npcs
  • Water, Clouds, Rain
  • Clan Reputation (different clans will be in some towns and you can allign to one or the other by doing quests for them)
  • Gaurds (will patrol town walls and man its gates)
  • Shader Animated Grass - to sway in the wind

--Tier Four--

  • Chain Quests
  • LoreUI (like pokedex)
  • Familiars UI (like a party UI for summonings)
  • Fishing (who doesn't love fishing)
  • Blueprints (like house schematic, you place it down and the voxels spawn in one at a time to build it, requires different voxels as resources to use)
  • Demon Portals - Opening and attacking a town, trying to destroy the Town Core and disrupting the pEAcE of the Zorg Glugnubs

Okay daym, it might seem like I haven't done that much. But my bug list is extremely short atm. Mostly very rare cases of spawning, or a corner collision on the physics side. Oh and turrets still kinda broken. But overall I feel like i've placed alot of stones down for the core game loop, and I'm feeling closer now then ever.


zoxel [linux] [mono] 36 MB
Version 38 Apr 27, 2021
zoxel [windows] (depreciated) 32 MB
Version 102 Apr 27, 2021

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