​​Dark Nights

Dark Nights

So, I've been steadily adding game content and features this year. I believe I need crafting (a way to generate items from items) as well as enough resources spawned by my world generation algorithms to make the core game-play loop more then just moving blocks around.

Some things that worked well that I made early on was the equipment systems. A layered combining of items (body parts and then gear over the top). But systems themselves don't make the game. I need to add in tiered gear, stats onto the gear and quests that give you the gear.

Dungeons as well needs to be implemented. That will make a more fun approach to slaying monsters and getting loot. Treasure Chests! I made portals early on but had no where for them to go to, just going to each other about 3 chunks away wasn't very fun.

I finally made a day and night cycle. It's very dark at night, probably too dark. Then I added torches that light up the surroundings and particles. I also fixed most of the bugs. I added some basic screen fades and some UI texture frames.

Things I want to add next:

  • Dungeons
  • Treasure Chests - open to get loot
  • Doors - Opening and Closing
  • Keys to open locked doors
  • Re Add portals and spawn one in town
  • Emoticons above NPCs that have quests
  • Wheat Item - Place in dirt to grow
  • Trading - Trade a Shopkeeper some weeds for some apples to eat
  • Minimap
  • Quest Tracking UI
  • Log UI - showing some things you've done (entered a town, slain a slime)
  • Basic Crafting UI (2x2)
  • Water Blocks
  • Roads and Houses throughout Town
  • AI Threat System
  • Death Particles (rather then shrinking)

Some polishing things I can add is things like head bobbing, screen shaking, Inverse Kinematics on the arm firing spells, a starting game cut-scenes, better starting game UIs (game and character creators), weather effects, etc.

I also need to generate skills with various stats for the game. Currently I've made a list of different skill types I want.

  • Melee Attacks
  • Ranged Attacks
  • Aura Attacks
  • Buffs/Debuffs (combine with others)
  • Summoning Spells
  • Traps
  • Sheilds
  • Healing
  • Vision/Stealth (Illusions?)
  • Teleportation
  • Orbiting Bullets
  • Environmental Changes

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