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An RPG in a Procedurally Generated Universe!

Zoxel is coming to Steam ~

Journey through the vast expanse of space and discover not so friendly dungeons. The difficulty of living increases the farther out you venture. Improve yourself to rival even the gods.

Game Features

Explore a Completely Generated Universe

with Generated Models, Textures, Audio & Music

Discover the many Unique Races

Talk with Humanoids to Trade or Accept Quests

Improve your Attributes and Skills

Equip new Gear or Body Parts

Gather and Craft Resources

Future Additions

Create your own Character

3-Dimensional Crafting

Portals leading to Dungeon worlds

Multiplayer and Local Coop

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-Android still needs Touch Controls-

Made in Unity with only ECS Framework

-= Game is Updated Weekly =-

Feedback is appreciated! :)


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zoxel-linux-mono.zip 20 MB
Version 17
zoxel-windows-mono.zip 19 MB
Version 81
zoxel-mac.zip 19 MB
Version 4
zoxel.apk 22 MB
Version 4
zoxel-linux-il2cpp.zip 31 MB
Version 14

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Is there anything to do in the android version besides walking around and punching the penguin things? I walked around for ten minutes and those penguins were the only thing I ever found...

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The android version hasnt been updated for a long time. I plan to work on it after i've done more of the game's features, like dungeons and questing. I also need to buy a new android phone~ I should of put that in the description, sorry.


i really want to play this game but evry time i try i fall out of bounds great idea but game dont work

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Hi da goose! Thank you for trying out Zoxel. Are you perhaps falling through the map? Does it happen right after you create your character?
If you press f2 it will show your frame rate. I am wondering what is your frame rate at, as alot of code relies on a multicore cpu and it might be a low frame rate causing issues.

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IS that normal, that on Linux when I run game, I have nothing? Just this in console:

Set current directory to /home/user/Zoxel
Found path: /home/user/Zoxel/zoxel.x86_64
Loading in SingleInstance mode
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Hey! That doesn't sound normal. I'm developing it on Linux and I don't get this error. Do you get it straight away or after the start screen?

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I have it straight away, nothing is appear, no loading screen, no game window, just nothing.

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Hi Koteinik, I've done some troubleshooting and it might be Vulkan related. I've updated the game with OpenGL enabled and added more CPU architecture types. Hopefully this fixes it for you.

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On Linux (Lubuntu 20.05) i've launched this game, and it didn't.

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Hmm.. I am developing it from Ubuntu 20.04. I'm building it in unity so it should work on many different systems, but unity themselves probaly tested it only on the main linux distros. It's probaly a missing library that unity depends on since lubuntu is light weight. Not sure what the best way to fix it is. It's x86_64 right? (Edit: I should also ask how much ram you have?)
Edit2: This spurred on a major reworks of some memory codes. It should use around 4-6gb now of ram. I'm still working on settings and more optimizations to reduce ram useage further though. Hopefully this helps.

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Game is cool, but please, update and fix the android version. I have tried to play it, but it did not installed at all. Please, Deus, this will be very cool. Error is trouble with .APK synthetic analysis.

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I understand, I will work on it this holidays :)
Edit: working through my game design docs and will take some time to finish the things so i'll implement the android features closer to mid year.


Can you fix the mouse movement and add some options? (e.g. sensitivity number input, smoothing slider, raw input, etc)

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Yes I will add options a future update :) I fixed the mouse settings for now!
Edit: Okay found some old input code that was causing weird mouse movements.. fixed properly now!


How i can drop anything from inventory to hotbar? I very need a tutorial in game...

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Hey, there is is key instructions on the top left of the screen! Atm it is f key and then click on the action bar but I will add better controls soon (drag and drop). Sorry about that! Thank you for playing :)


I can bug report now! Inventory not working correct on 21:9 screen(2560x1080). I know unity don't like ultra-wide screens, but I hope you can fix that! Your game is very impressive, I like it! (also I have a strange bug with mouse. this bug start working after I make second world and in the first world I also have it)

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Thank you so much :D:D!~ I think I fixed it for 2560x1080, thanks for finding that weird UI raycasting bug! :) Thanks again for your feedback. Let me know if any more problems occur!

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I still have strange bug with mouse sensitivity(it's very sticky and illogical and i can't understand, why - this effect does not exist in game in my first session. Deleting cache in appdata/locallow does not help), inventory working, but after i drop pickaxe on hotbar i have "select nothing" text in left-up corner. After i tryin drop pickaxe back to inventory it's just disappear! Also i have a very laggy bug if i drop out of map(on map border) - i can't open menu! And i have another bug - if i select grass in hotbar i have text "left click to" and after i click on LMB grass just disappear. And 2 not bugs but problems with understanding - i can't understand, what i can do and what i can find in world and i haven't bonus for levelup. Thanks for fixes and sorry about my bad english!:)
upd: i have LAGS if night appears. on RTX 2080 Super. lags.

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If you are trying to equip the pickaxe, while you have mouse over it, you can press R (I will add dropdown menu in the future). It's a bug that you can assign equipment to the actionbar (fixed now)! The world edge is no longer limited.

And also the grass is 'consumed' but I do not have an animation for that yet. You can eat the mushrooms or  cookies too to gain some health during fights.

Once you level up, you get attribute points and skill points (every 3 levels). You can spend the prior in the stats menu on attributes. For example strength will increase health and melee damage.

As for what there is to do atm, not too much besides removing blocks, placing them and killing monsters! You can talk to npcs, gain quests, and explore the world. However I'm still working on making the world more diverse by adding content.

Soon I will add dungeons! Also your english is fine! :D

Edit: Yes sorry, night is better optimized now!