[A Procedurally Generated Voxiverse]

Welcome Traveler

You seem quite lost..
Might you be looking for adventure and riches?
.... No? Oh well..
Well perhaps then..
Perhaps you wish to experience a simple farm life..
Away from all that hustle and bustle of the City!
But I believe what you truly seek is purpose
endlessly wandering these vast lands..
It drives you relentlessly, perhaps even to madness

Mine, Craft and Slay

Explore Voxel Worlds

Delve the Darkest Dungeons

Discover the Secrets of the Cube

The Zoxel Website!

Follow my Development

Coming to Steam

"Our children's children will judge us for our naivety adventure underestimating the Penguin Clan. Once we loose our ability to make electricity, tales will be sung around the camp fire of the great Penguin Wars and how they took over."

- Gareth the Great, Oct 2021

"The landscapes are really trippy, felt like minecraft on acid, i like it."

- No_Blood_5393, March 2021

. . .

If you get 'Failed to load mono' error;

You may need to [Install Mono]

Web Version currently missing many Features

Clouds, Various shaders (grass, skeleton meshes)

Feedback is Appreciated

A New Zoxel is Coming! Libre Edition!


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zoxel [new] [port] [windows] 10 MB
Version 7
zoxel [new] [port] [linux] 703 kB
Version 5
zoxel [windows] [mono] [demo] 36 MB
Version 15
zoxel [android] [mono] [demo] 26 MB
Version 2
zoxel [linux] [il2cpp] [demo] 40 MB
Version 11
zoxel [linux] [mono] [demo] 36 MB
Version 10

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